Information: Family will always be family, whether related by blood or made through our various journeys in life. If you have passed through the phenomenal greatness that is this SCHOOL over the past seven decades regardless of the duration of your stay at the school, we have great News! We have successfully found a medium to keep in touch and keep all of us connected. We have been able to keep the SCHOOL family truly international as we have found ourselves thrown across the globe and immersed into various different disciplines. Gsskuru is happy and excited to reconnect with you. We believe you are doing great in all your endeavors. You can re connect via the Online Community (face book, Instagram, LinkedIn) you can easily stay connected with former classmates, friends and communicates with alumni all around the world. And if you should move, change your job or change your e-mail address, make sure you continue to stay connected by contacting Alumni office of the School and providing your new information as soon as possible. Please click here to register. (PS: The registration link may be included thereafter) We want our alumni to stay interested in and connected to their Alma mater. Remember, wherever you go in the world, you always have a place at Gsskuru. I hope that you'll stay connected to us!

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